Bruce Wayne Hart

February 3, 1950 – June 25, 2013


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Why take a dance class?


  • it’s fun
  •  there’s fantastic music to enjoy
  •  the people are great
  •  realize that dancing is a blast!


The Beginner Class is structured to be a welcoming, casual introduction to social dance. All ages and ability levels are welcome. The class has a light, informal, social feeling where everyone can feel safe while learning at their own pace. These classes can be used to prepare for a special event (i.e. wedding, etc) and/or be repeated to further dancing skills and maintain social connections.

The class is a 5 week session that introduces participants to several social dances. Bruce has created a teaching method that introduces social dance in an easy to understand way.  These classes are not geared toward stuffy formal competition dancing. They are geared toward making people comfortable, confident and ready to hit the dance floor.

Bruce has broken down dancing into easy to follow sections.  He adds new components at each class until the basic elements have been presented by the end of the 5th week.

Day One begins with walking to music and ends with everyone dancing to music.

People learn at their own pace, so where students end up at the end of Day Five varies, however, everyone will have made progress, feel proud, and have a smile on their face!

 The first night two dances are introduced:  

               1 – Step (a type of foxtrot)  &  East Coast Swing

Each following week begins with reviewing all material from the previous class expanding on those dances, and adding more steps. Plus, a new dance will be added!

Week two adds a foxtrot – either

          the 2-Step or the Arthur Murray Magic Step

Week three adds the Waltz

Week Four adds the Cha Cha

Week Five reviews and adds steps to all the dances


Most people take the beginning class several times in order master the basics, pick up the finer details, and learn tricks to make their dancing stylish.  When people feel they’re ready, they can shift to, or add, the intermediate class.


The Intermediate class is student driven. Specific dances and or steps are explored based on dancer needs. More advanced step combinations are taught, leading and following tips are shared and new dances are added. Time is given to practice for the panicky,Oh no, what dance do I do to this music?!” feeling that sometimes seizes dancers.  The goal of this class is to refine skills and have people, excitedly, looking for dance events to attend!