Why build a Gym?

Why build a school gym??

Bruce taught 7th and 8th grade at Fieldbrook School for 35 years, retiring in 2010. Bruce continues to return to the school to interact with the students, to present warm fuzzies (an ongoing 35 year tradition),  teach civil war days for social studies, take the 8th grade class snow camping, teach social dance, foster good relationships and stewardship. Bruce coached the boys and girls basketball teams in the school’s multi-purpose room for 25 years, always concerned about safety. He attends many of the current games and is frustrated by the lack of space for seating.  The time has come for the Fieldbrook School, and the community, to have a real gym with a wooden floor, bleachers, and enough space to play basketball and dance safely.

The existing multi-purpose room serves as a cafeteria, gathering place, and music classroom.  That leaves little time for athletics. During rainy weather P.E. typically ends up being cancelled.  The multi-purpose room is also hazardous. The floor is slick linoleum over concrete and the room is too short, with walls just beyond the basketball hoops.

If the school had a gym all grades would benefit from having a space for physical activity or large class projects.  The school would also be able to host basketball tournaments.  The community would also have a gathering place for meetings, craft fairs, and sporting events.